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Why Game-Based Assessment?


Information gained from assessment tells us where children are, so we can help them get where they need to go. In the school environment, there’s an increasing push to use technology to better assess children’s knowledge and progress in a number of domains. Using games for social emotional skill assessment [...]

Why Game-Based Assessment?2017-03-17T11:09:38-04:00

4 Myths about Using Games for Learning


Technology has become a fundamental part of everyday life, whether we are checking emails, using GPS to navigate, or scrolling through Twitter, we engage with technology in order to easily accomplish everyday tasks. However, if technology is such an integral part of life, why are schools hesitant to embrace technology to improve academics? Interestingly, computer [...]

4 Myths about Using Games for Learning2017-03-17T11:09:38-04:00

Social and Emotional Learning Games for After School Programs


While Zoo U was originally created for the classroom, even in its early beta version, innovative after school program leaders gravitated to the game and used it with great success.  And this usage has only increased.  We continue to learn that Zoo U supports after school environments in a number of [...]

Social and Emotional Learning Games for After School Programs2017-03-17T11:09:38-04:00

Personalization and Accuracy Set Zoo U Apart


During my first two weeks at Personalized Learning Games (now Centervention), I submerged myself in learning all things that pertain to Zoo U, a game that assesses and improves social emotional learning skills for students. In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of Zoo U, I sought out Ashley Craig for [...]

Personalization and Accuracy Set Zoo U Apart2017-03-17T11:09:38-04:00