About Riley Woods

Riley taught K-5 Visual Art in North Carolina for four years before becoming a Customer Success Manager for Centervention. She graduated with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Policy Studies and Photography Illustration from Syracuse University. Riley is a 2011 Teach For America alumna.

I Statements Worksheet for Elementary Educators


This printable is a worksheet that will help students learn how to use I Statements: I feel...when you...and I want… I’ve sat here for a while trying to come up with an anecdote, but to be honest, I couldn’t. “You” statements are so much easier. YOU’RE being annoying. YOU’RE [...]

I Statements Worksheet for Elementary Educators2019-08-22T09:04:46-04:00

Teamwork Activity: Choosing the Right Job for Each Person


Each social and emotional skill in Zoo U is represented by an animal. We chose lions to represent Cooperation because of the way lions work together to hunt large prey. Each lion has a special job during the hunt that they train for from the time they’re cubs; [...]

Teamwork Activity: Choosing the Right Job for Each Person2019-08-22T10:47:02-04:00

Calming Activity: Deep Breathing


This is a great calming activity or coping tool to use when students need to cool down after an active lesson, are having a stressful moment, or need an emotion regulation strategy. While based on the active rest between each Zoo Academy assessment scene, geared towards K-1 students, [...]

Calming Activity: Deep Breathing2019-08-21T08:36:25-04:00

Expressing Feelings Without Blaming Activity


This communication activity shows students examples of expressing feelings in an argument without blaming the other person. There can be a lot of tension surrounding expressing feelings, especially if you or the other person lack certain communication skills. We all can have a tendency to blame the other [...]

Expressing Feelings Without Blaming Activity2019-08-21T11:00:39-04:00

Kindness Activities: Helpful, Hurtful, Not Helpful, Kind Part II


Superheroes are role models, meaning people look to them to see the best way to act. As a superhero, it’s very important for you to understand your impact on others, including the impact of your words. While this worksheet is based on a mini-game in Hall of Heroes, [...]

Kindness Activities: Helpful, Hurtful, Not Helpful, Kind Part II2019-08-22T08:00:50-04:00

Positive and Negative Expressions: Nonverbal Communication Maze


In these worksheets, scaffolded by grade level, students will identify positive and negative expressions and emotion words to successfully navigate a maze to the finish. Deciphering the meaning of other’s positive and negative expressions can be difficult, especially when someone is saying one thing out loud while their [...]

Positive and Negative Expressions: Nonverbal Communication Maze2019-08-22T09:40:58-04:00