About Riley Woods

Riley taught K-5 Visual Art in North Carolina for four years before becoming a Customer Success Manager for Centervention. She graduated with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Policy Studies and Photography Illustration from Syracuse University. Riley is a 2011 Teach For America alumna.

Starting a Conversation: Middle School Social Initiation


Starting a conversation with someone you don't know can be intimidating for people of all ages. I moved to North Carolina from Massachusetts right after college and have consistently moved to a new city every two years since then. So I’ve had to build a new network of [...]

Starting a Conversation: Middle School Social Initiation2019-08-22T09:53:51-04:00

Game Guides: Informational Posters for Zoo U, SS GRIN, and Hall of Heroes


These are informative posters for three of our most popular programs: Zoo U, SS GRIN, and Hall of Heroes. In addition to our core social and emotional skills, our games also encourage resiliency. Most students won't get it right on the first try, and that's more than okay. [...]

Game Guides: Informational Posters for Zoo U, SS GRIN, and Hall of Heroes2019-08-22T11:31:29-04:00

Facts and Assumptions Activity


This facts and assumptions activity will help students with the Check It Out skill: knowing the difference between facts and assumptions, and finding out what’s really true. In the current climate of “fake news” and misinformation spread so easily online, this is a critical skill for any age. [...]

Facts and Assumptions Activity2019-08-22T12:48:03-04:00

Peer Pressure Activity


In this Peer Pressure Activity, students will come up with things they could say to stand up to peer pressure in different situations. We mostly think about peer pressure as a high school thing - friends trying to get you to drink at a party, or a random [...]

Peer Pressure Activity2019-08-22T09:18:08-04:00

Identifying Feelings Worksheet for Students in Early Elementary


The first step to emotion regulation is identifying your own feelings. This identifying feelings worksheet will help K-1 students identify how they, or another person, might feel in a given situation. You might notice that Karma the Chameleon looks a little different on this worksheet. That’s because this [...]

Identifying Feelings Worksheet for Students in Early Elementary2019-08-22T07:38:36-04:00

Include Everyone: An Activity to Teach Compromise


Do you explicitly teach compromise in your classroom? This worksheet has students compromise on activities to make sure everyone in the group is included and can enjoy the activity. A few years ago I was trying to meet up for dinner with two of my teacher friends while we [...]

Include Everyone: An Activity to Teach Compromise2019-08-22T10:32:58-04:00

How to Make Friends in Middle School Printable


Want to know how to make friends in middle school? This printable is a superhero twist on a getting-to-know-you survey that will help in building relationships with middle school students. While our Buddy Binder sheets could also be used with older students, they're really more for facilitating students' [...]

How to Make Friends in Middle School Printable2019-08-27T07:32:08-04:00

Coping Skills for Kids


Coping skills are the behaviors and thoughts you use to regulate your emotions or deal with changes in your life. These strategies are best employed when you realize you are becoming too emotional or stressed before an outburst happens. When an adult needs to calm down, they might [...]

Coping Skills for Kids2019-09-13T12:35:04-04:00

Team Challenges: An Activity for Elementary School Students


Students Will Listen to classmates’ preferences and strengths Compromise with classmates Troubleshoot to find the best solution Materials team task cards When cooperating, everyone’s strengths need to come together to make a strong team. Everyone has personal strengths and weaknesses. But on a team, individuals can make up [...]

Team Challenges: An Activity for Elementary School Students2019-08-22T10:42:33-04:00

Plan Ahead


This resource helps students think ahead and develop an action plan to reach a goal. Around New Year’s I sent you a poster featuring Action Plan Annie from SS GRIN, demonstrating how to create an action plan. So I thought a printable action plan worksheet may be a [...]

Plan Ahead2019-08-27T06:46:20-04:00