Big Changes versus Small Changes Activity

In this activity, your students will identify recent changes they have experienced and label them as big changes or small changes.

Prep: On the board, make a rating scale and label one side “small changes” and the other “big changes.”

Prompt: Ask your students to think about recent changes in their lives. You may want to share a few examples like:

  • Sitting in a different seat in class
  • Having a substitute teacher
  • Having indoor recess because of bad weather

Students will think of a few of their own examples, write them on this worksheet (or on post-it notes), and tape their changes to the board where they think they belong on the scale.

This is a great opportunity for you to gain insight into how your students view and internalize everyday changes.

Note: Changes can feel different for every person experiencing them.  Even if it’s a small change for one student, it may feel big for someone else.

Suggested discussion questions:  

  • How did you feel when this change happened?
  • Was this an exciting change?  Or a change that made you feel scared or nervous?

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