This printable is a superhero twist on a getting-to-know-you survey that will help in building relationships with middle school students.

While our Buddy Binder sheets could also be used with older students, they’re really more for facilitating students’ making new friends.

The questions on this survey will be particularly helpful for counselors and teachers to gain insight into their new or returning students’ views of themselves. Categories like “Special Tools,” asking students what they need to be successful, and “Mission,” asking students their goals and who they want to be this year, will give you an idea of how to best help your students succeed.

The “Justice League/Avengers” category will give you a chance to see who students consider their allies and friends. Is there a student who doesn’t list anyone in their family? Is there a student who doesn’t list anyone at school? Do any students not have anyone to list at all?

This activity can be used at any time of year, not just the first couple weeks of getting-to-know-yous and introductions to rules. Consider having students complete this at the beginning and again at the end of the year and comparing/contrasting their responses. Or if you’re just finding this activity later in the year, it’s of course never too late to do this kind of check-in with middle school students.

Download the activity here.

building relationships with middle school students