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Thanksgiving Cheer


Feeling a little fowl? Use this flyer with tear-off punny compliments to spread some Thanksgiving cheer.. Thanksgiving break is almost here, and you can make it! While we're sure your students are thankful for you and you’re thankful for them (most of the time), we can all get a [...]

Thanksgiving Cheer2018-12-11T13:32:51+00:00

Monster Feelings! Halloween Social Skills Activity


Happy Halloween! Time for some spooky social skills! This Monster Feelings activity includes printable dice with emotion words on one and Halloween creatures on the other. Students will roll the dice to see which emotion their creature is feeling, then draw a picture, write a story, or act [...]

Monster Feelings! Halloween Social Skills Activity2018-10-17T11:52:30+00:00

Include Everyone: An Activity to Teach Compromise


Do you explicitly teach compromise in your classroom? This worksheet has students compromise on activities to make sure everyone in the group is included and can enjoy the activity. A few years ago I was trying to meet up for dinner with two of my teacher friends while we were [...]

Include Everyone: An Activity to Teach Compromise2018-10-02T10:16:59+00:00

Summer Practice 2018


This printable is SEL practice to send home with students for the summer. The school year is winding down and summer is finally in sight! Yay! Warm weather, the pool, no alarms, people using your first name, going to the bathroom whenever you great. Your kids can [...]

Summer Practice 20182018-08-29T13:01:05+00:00

Team Challenges


Download the activity here. Students Will Listen to classmates’ preferences and strengths Compromise with classmates Troubleshoot to find the best solution Materials team task cards When cooperating, everyone’s strengths need to come together to make a strong team. Everyone has personal strengths and weaknesses. But on a [...]

Team Challenges2018-05-11T15:47:33+00:00

Cooperative Art


In this activity, students will work together to create a collaborative artwork, counting on their classmates to do their best work. When I was a student, I always hated group projects. As a type-A perfectionist, it always seemed like I was stuck doing a lot of the work [...]

Cooperative Art2018-11-08T10:01:51+00:00

People Watching


In this  activity, students will become social detectives, observing people’s body language and facial expressions in public spaces to figure out how they may be feeling. I love people watching. While I usually avoid the mall, it’s definitely the best place to people watch. You’ve got teens being [...]

People Watching2018-05-11T14:52:22+00:00

Be a Friend, Have a Friend


I’ve previously sent out some social initiation lessons that focus on how to start an initial conversation with someone, or how to make some initial connections based on common interests. Once they get past that first interaction, though, how do our students keep these friends? The only way [...]

Be a Friend, Have a Friend2018-11-02T10:44:30+00:00

Positive Valentines


These printables are great for Valentines, positive reinforcement, or even encouragement during end-of-year testing. Download the Valentines here. Download the Valentines here.

Positive Valentines2018-05-11T14:35:49+00:00

Cooperation: Work Together or Alone?


We’ve sent out plenty of cooperation lessons. Working with classmates is definitely an important skill for students to learn. But it’s just as important that students learn which activities should be done with others, and which they should be able to do on their own. Have you ever had this [...]

Cooperation: Work Together or Alone?2018-01-16T15:29:17+00:00