cooperation activities

What kind of math do birds like?


Ha Ha Ha. I know, but tell it to an 8-year-old and see if you don’t get a laugh! Corny jokes for kids work.

When I was a kid, the best source for jokes was Popsicle sticks. Whether it was the heat of summer or dead of winter, my tongue was constantly stained in a rainbow of colors. It got to the point that my family stopped reading me the jokes on their sticks because I had all the punchlines memorized.

And they certainly got tired of me asking them what kind of phone a skunk uses.

(It’s a Smellular phone, by the way.)

corny jokes for kids

Luckily I found a new audience for my Popsicle stick humor: my students.

Cooperation activities are a fantastic way to improve overall social and emotional skills. In Decode a Joke, your students will work with a partner to decode the punchline to some of my favorite animal-themed jokes.

Students Will: Cooperate on a task to accomplish a goal. Use a key to decode a message.

Materials: Coded joke worksheets, Key.

Zoo U Game Context: A classmate reads from the key to help players decode Cooper the lion’s joke.

Directions for these cooperation activities:

  1. Split students into pairs.
  2. Give one student in each pair the code, and give the other the key.
  3. The student with the code is the scribe. He will start by asking what the first symbol means, and the key holder will check the key and tell him the letter that corresponds to that symbol. The scribe will fill in that letter in the box above the symbol.
  4. Students continue to work this way until they have decoded the joke.
  5. If you would like them to switch roles, give them another coded message.

Decoded Jokes:

  • What is a crocodile’s favorite drink? Gator-ade.
  • Which side of a cheetah has the most spots?   The outside.
  • What snakes are found on cars?  Windshield vipers.
  • Who was the gorilla’s favorite American President? Ape-raham Lincoln.
  • What time is it when an elephant sits on the sofa?  Time to get a new sofa.
  • What kind of math do birds like?  Owlgebra.
  • What do you call a bee that can’t make up his mind?  A maybee.
  • What kind of bears like to go out in the rain?  Drizzly bears.