David Markham

David Markham graduated in 2006 from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BS in Computer Science. He is also currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech with a specialization in Interactive Intelligence. He has over 11 years of software development experience in a variety of fields.

Out of college David worked as a software engineer for IBM, developing multiple releases of the industry leading enterprise dashboard software: Tivoli Business Service Manager. In 2011, David left IBM to join a small start-up marketing company Digital Branding LLC, which was founded by one of David’s former co-workers at IBM. There David was the sole web developer for a number of highly trafficked websites in addition to building web-based tools to help the company gain insights into revenue flows.

In 2014 David joined 3C Institute. He contributed to 3C’s e-learning framework as well as various e-learning courses. Over the course of his time at 3C Institute, David developed a number of games as well as web applications focused on e-learning, mainly related to social emotional learning.

David has a passion for game development and in addition to working on games as his day job, he also released an indie game for the Xbox 360 called Murky Horizon. David has an interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning and is always looking for ways to utilize his expertise to solve unique challenges.