Helping Others Activity

This helping others activity shows students how to practice empathy in everyday situations.

Have y’all seen that TV show What Would You Do? They set up hidden cameras and then have actors do something controversial to see how unsuspecting bystanders will respond.

They’ve had episodes where a customer verbally abuses a cashier, teens peer pressure a friend to take steroids, a line-cutter wins a prize vacation, etc. The show’s been on for 10 seasons so there’s lots of different scenarios, but they’re always looking for a bystander that will step in and hopefully help the situation.

Watching the show, we’re all thinking, “Well if I were there, I would have given that guy a piece of my mind!” But actually getting involved in real life is a big step. It can be even harder for kids when they feel like friendships may be on the line if they speak up.

Our To The Rescue worksheets are great helping others activities. They show different school situations and ask students if they were right there in the room when that happened, what could they say to improve the situation? For example, one scenario shows a student bump into a classmate drinking at the water fountain, getting his face all wet.

empathy activities: helping others worksheet bundle. Free printables for elementary school counselors

All of these scenarios are screenshots from the Zoo U game, but the situation has been reframed in some of them so that students will have a fresh perspective compared to what they experience while playing the game.

helping others activity