Does your child have difficulty Managing Emotions, Controlling Impulses, or struggle with Social Skills?

At Centervention®, we provide online games to help students in grades K-8 practice and improve social and emotional skills. These games are fun for students, automatically gather data so you can monitor progress, and include supplemental lessons to reinforce learning.

Five programs to choose from

Zoo Academy: Grades K-1

Students at Zoo Academy will help animals like Owlivia the owl learn to respect others’ personal space, or Tango the gorilla, who needs some pointers on making new friends.

Zoo U: Grades 2-4

In Zoo U, students learn the fundamentals of social and emotional skills through common scenarios like joining games at recess and working with a partner, with the added fun of friendly animals.

SS GRIN: Grades 3-5

In Adventures Aboard the S.S. GRIN, players must prove their skills to the keeper of each friendship stone by helping citizens of the island. (Not compatible with iPad)

Hall of Heroes: Middle School

In Hall of Heroes, students navigate a superhero middle school where they must build their powers and skills to make friends, resist peer pressure, and save the school from super villain Dr. Klepto.

Stories in Motion: Students with Autism

With our online, interactive program, Stories in Motion, elementary school students create personalized, digital comic books around common school scenarios.

  • Students access programs using a web browser—nothing to download or install

  • Parents review progress and monitor improvement via a parent dashboard

  • Bonus: Programs include free supplemental activities and resources to reinforce learning

Only $10 per program for an entire year!

12 Month Subscription

$10 per student for one program


All programs developed with funding from:

The US Department of Education

The National Science Foundation