The first step to emotion regulation is identifying your own feelings. This activity will help K-1 students identify how they, or another person, might feel in a given situation.

You might notice that Karma the Chameleon looks a little different on this worksheet. That’s because this is baby Karma from our new K-1 game, Zoo Academy!

Zoo Academy is the prequel to Zoo U and will introduce lower elementary students to critical social and emotional skills: emotion regulation, impulse control, empathy, communication, cooperation, and social initiation (making and keeping friends).

Early Access to Zoo Academy

While we only have the first six scenes of Zoo Academy completed, we are providing early access to the program free of charge to educators who have purchased one of our Annual Subscription Programs. An annual subscription gives you access to ALL of our programs for a discounted rate per student.

Interested in learning more about annual subscriptions and how to get early access to Zoo Academy? Email [email protected] for more information.

Download the K-1 worksheet here.

And FYI, we’ll be working to add more Zoo Academy activities to our supplemental resources library throughout the year.