moving up to middle school

Students who are moving up to middle school may be anxious about all sorts of things, but opening lockers doesn’t need to be one of them. This printable gives students information on how to open a combination lock.

I went to a K-8 Catholic school, and we didn’t have lockers to worry about in middle school. Instead, we kept all of our belongings inside of our homeroom desk, the top of which lifted up.

So when switching classes, you had to hope that you weren’t assigned to the messy kid’s desk. Otherwise, you’d be stuck at a desk that was propped open three inches, forced to write at an angle for 40 minutes, cursing Billy and his messy ways.

messy desk

I went back to visit the school a few weeks ago – my mom still works there – and you know what they have now? Lockers! Kids these days don’t know how we struggled.

Anyway, there are some moving up to middle school anxieties and fears that are hard to alleviate. But you can give students this handy guide to opening lockers so they can cross that anxiety off their list.

Consider bringing in a couple combination locks so students can practice following the steps, or send the sheets home so they can practice with parents.

You could also have this printable handy while students are filling out their transition to middle school questionnaire.

Download the Opening Lockers Printable