positive and negative expressions

In these worksheets, scaffolded by grade level, students will identify positive and negative expressions and emotion words to successfully navigate a maze to the finish.

Deciphering the meaning of other’s positive and negative expressions can be difficult, especially when someone is saying one thing out loud while their face is silently saying something else.

I’ve been told plenty of times that I can’t hide my emotions from my face. Even if I’m saying “That’s a great plan!” my face betrays me and portrays, “That’s a dumb plan that will never work.”

The K-1 worksheet features baby Lyla from our new K-1 program, Zoo Academy, who needs help delivering a note to Mrs. Howard on the other side of a maze. Students must color in all of the different happy face emojis to lead them through the maze.

The 2nd-4th grade worksheet similarly features Lyla from Zoo U who needs help delivering a note to Principal Wild on the other side of the maze. This worksheet mixes in emotion words with emojis for an added challenge to complete the maze.

The 3rd-5th grade worksheet features the avatar from SS GRIN, who needs to navigate facial expressions and words to get the friendship stone to CK (Communication Kid). All of the lines in this “maze” are gone, so students will not be able to rely on clues from the maze itself as to which direction to go.

Use any or all of these worksheets with your students in different grade levels to help them with their nonverbal and verbal communication skills!

Download the activity here.