stop and think sheet

In this Stop and Think sheet, students will match a set of actions with their respective reactions or consequences.

I have a friend who uses the word “spicy” to describe when anyone has an attitude.

“I had a customer that was really spicy today,” she’ll say. Or, if I snap at her: “Why are you being so spicy??”

It’s a pretty good analogy. When you eat something spicy that you weren’t expecting, you sure do notice right away. Your tongue burns, your nose might run, and if you’re sensitive to spicy food, you might even sweat. These are all natural reactions to the action of eating something spicy.

When someone is “spicy” or has a negative/aggressive attitude towards you, your natural reaction might be to get spicy back. Our students need to learn that their attitude and actions will affect how others respond to them.

SS GRIN helps students practice different actions and see the reactions in real time; and, in-game characters give students feedback about dialogue choice and behavior in the moment.

This stop and think sheet is a great extension activity from what students are learning in SS GRIN. (Although they certainly don’t need to be playing SS GRIN to do this activity). And it’s a great way to introduce or reinforce the concepts of Respect, Stop & Think (or impulse control) and good Communication.

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