This is a social and emotional skills practice printable to send home with students for the summer.

Summer is coming so quickly! And I have the horrific full-body sunburn to prove it!

What’s it like to pee whenever you want? What’s it like to have more than 10 minutes to inhale your food? You’re about to be reminded!

While I hope you can spend most of your break relaxing and not thinking about school/learning, I know that’s not very likely. So why not make sure your kids are doing a little personal development over the summer, too?

Your kids can have summer fun AND practice their social and emotional skills at the same time with this printable. This activity includes some challenges, reflection drawings, and a place to list summer goals.

And you can also check out last two year’s summer practice if you’d like to send home something extra!
2017 Summer practice
2018 Summer practice

Download the Printable