team challenge

Students Will

  • Listen to classmates’ preferences and strengths
  • Compromise with classmates
  • Troubleshoot to find the best solution


  • team task cards

When cooperating, everyone’s strengths need to come together to make a strong team. Everyone has personal strengths and weaknesses. But on a team, individuals can make up for teammates’ weaknesses to lead to success.


  • Are there any strengths you have that may be stronger than others? For example, are you the best at math, a sport, music, etc?
  • What are some of your weaknesses or things in which you aren’t the strongest?
  • Does everyone have the same strengths and weaknesses?

Activity Directions

  1. Split the students into even teams.
  2. Each member of the team must complete the task on a Team Task card.
  3. Students must work together to decide which student’s strengths would be best suited to complete which Team Task. For example, the student who is best at and/ or loves math would probably be best at the word problem task. A creative person who likes art should probably design the team logo. Someone who struggles with reading should probably not do the first Team Task.
  4. Students should focus on what’s best for the team, not what they personally WANT to do most. If someone is good at math and art and would prefer to do art, but another team member is only good at art, they need to compromise.
  5. Optional: To make the activity more challenging, tell students that all 8 tasks need to be completed. Some team members may need to do multiple tasks while others may only do one, depending on their strengths and ability to work quickly.

Post Discussion

Go over the following questions with the group:

  • What are the benefits of working on a team?
  • Were there any instances in which you had to compromise with a teammate?
  • Did you overcome your team challenges? Why or why not?
  • As you discuss these questions, help guide students to the idea that teams are the most successful when you work together to use each others’ strengths and make up for each others’ weaknesses.

Download the team challenges activity here.