Feeling a little fowl?

Use this flyer with tear-off punny compliments to spread some Thanksgiving cheer..

Thanksgiving break is almost here, and you can make it!

While we’re sure your students are thankful for you and you’re thankful for them (most of the time), we can all get a little stressed and overwhelmed when finishing up the school days before a much needed break.

So we’re here to remind you, and help you remind others around your school, to PEAS remember that you’re doing a great job.

Hang copies of these flyers around your school and encourage others to take a reminder of how a-MAIZE-ing they are!

You can even get your students involved to help you hang the flyers. It’s a perfect opportunity to show students how tiny acts of kindness and encouragement can brighten people’s day in a huge way.

And by the way, we sure are thankful for YOU and all you do for kids each and every day.

Download the poster here.