working together activities

Cooperation games are a great way to teach important skills for working together. In this working together activity, students will practice their cooperation skills to keep a balloon in the air while holding hands.

Students Will: work together with classmates to achieve a goal

Materials: balloons

Zoo U Game Context: Students play an arcade game called “Lester Drop” in which they need to keep Lester flying in the air.


  1. Split students into pairs and have them practice gently bouncing a balloon with their partner.
  2. When students have had sufficient practice, have your entire group form a circle and hold hands.
  3. Explain that the goal of the activity is to see how many times the group can bounce the balloon to keep it in the air without dropping hands. To achieve this goal, the group must move and work cooperatively with each other.
  4. Players can pass the balloon with any part of their bodies except for their feet.
  5. If the balloon touches the ground, or students drop their hands, the count must start over. 6. Allow the group several repetitions before starting the discussion.


Go over the following questions with the group:

  • What was the experience of keeping the balloon in the air like when you worked with a partner vs. when the whole group was working together?
  • What skills did group members have to use to keep the balloon in the air? What didn’t help the group?
  • Were we able to achieve our group goal? What was our highest count? Were we more successful the longer we did the activity?

As you discuss these questions, help guide students to the idea that when we work together, we will achieve greater success.

Download Working Together Activities Printable