i statements activities - How to respond to i statements. Great for elementary school counseling and middle school counseling

A previous post included a worksheet that used sand castles to help students build I Statements. This activity is a similar worksheet that will help students respond to I Statements in an empathetic way: with a YOU statement.

The first activity helped students to mediate a problem with a friend using I Statements: I feel…when you…and I want…

Sandcastle screenshot edited 3

But how is the friend supposed to respond? “Ok?” “Sorry?” Or hopefully not “Whatever.”

This follow-up activity will help students show their friend that they were listening, heard how they feel, and will do better next time using a similar framework: You sound…because I…Next time I will…

Last time, I gave the example of someone eating all of the ice cream I’d been looking forward to all day. This activity would hopefully result in me hearing, “You sound upset because I ate all our your ice cream. Next time I will be more considerate and save some for you.”

FYI, the sand castle pieces on this PDF are now editable, so you can type in emotion and action words before you print the worksheet!

Download the Printable