How to Purchase our Programs


Parents and caregivers can purchase individual student licenses for our programs at Resourceful Parents.



If you are an educator and do not have an account, you can request one by clicking on the desired program below (you will need an account in order to purchase student accounts):

Zoo U Free Trial

Hall of Heroes Free Trial

Stories in Motion Free Trial


In order to use our programs, each student will need to have a unique license. For Zoo U and Hall of Heroes those student licenses are priced at $7 per student. And for Stories in Motion, the price is $12 per student.

After a student logs in to their account, the license associated with that account is permanently assigned to that student.

Purchase Orders

We are happy to accept valid purchase orders from your school, institution, or company via email at [email protected] or mailed to the following address:

4364 S. Alston Ave.
Suite 300
Durham, NC 27713

If you need a formal quote or need a copy of our W-9, please email us at [email protected]

Credit Cards

You may purchase additional student licenses for our programs by logging in to your educator dashboard and clicking on the “Buy new licenses” button (similar to the one displayed below).

Buy Licenses

After making your purchase,  the student licenses credited to your account immediately.