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Hall of Heroes: For Students in Middle School

Are your students struggling in the transition to middle school? Do they have difficulty making and keeping friends, extreme reactions to trivial problems, or are they unsuccessful working in teams? These kids are counting on you, and we can help you help them.

Thousands of students have improved their social and emotional skills using Hall of Heroes, and your kids will be no different.

You may be skeptical, so we’d like for you to try Hall of Heroes for free before you purchase, but more about that later.

Within the game, students navigate the transition to a superhero middle school, including making new friends, dealing with peer pressure, and discovering their strengths. In addition, students will also practice middle school readiness skills, such as locker combinations and getting to class on time. This simulated school environment allows students to acquire skills before trying them in real-world situations.

As an example, the scene below depicts a common source of anxiety for middle school students: choosing a seat in the lunchroom.

Parents: Hall of Heroes is available for use at home.

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Educators: Try Hall of Heroes for FREE with one student.

Additional student licenses are only $7 per student, with no minimum required purchase.

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