Hall of Heroes for Middle School

With the new-found independence of middle school, many students experience additional stress and anxiety. These students may find the stress overwhelming: they have difficulty making and keeping friends, have challenges working in teams, or show extreme reactions to trivial problems.

You can help your students improve social emotional skills and build self confidence with Hall of Heroes, an student-led,online game focused on the unique challenges of middle school. In the program, other characters (ones created by our team) will offer real-time feedback to the player based on choices they make in the game. In addition, Principal Shields will also give quizzes at various points along the way to check for understanding.

In total, Hall of Heroes is comprised of 15 scenes, and if played once or twice per week in 20-30 minute sessions, your students will be able to complete the entire curriculum within a semester or the school year.

Note: Hall of Heroes is one of five online, social emotional learning interventions.

The Hall of Heroes Student Experience

In Hall of Heroes, students enroll in a superhero middle school where they must build their powers and skills to make friends, resist peer pressure, and save the school from supervillain Dr. Klepto. In addition, students improve middle school readiness skills, such as locker combinations and getting to class on time. By building their skills during gameplay, they become more confident when they encounter similar challenges in real-world situations.

Just like with our other programs, students begin by creating an avatar that will represent their character within the game. At any point, students may adjust the choices for their avatar (e.g. clothing color, hair style, etc), and they may replay scenes multiple times in order to achieve mastery.

As an example, the scene to the right depicts a common source of anxiety for middle school students: choosing a seat in the lunchroom. And since Middle school students are increasingly influenced by their friends, advice and cues for how to behave in new situations are provided by peers in the game.

Hall of Heroes Gets Results

After logging in to your Educator Account, you will create an account for each of your students, assign them to the Hall of Heroes program, and monitor their progress as they work through the program. While it only takes about one minute to set up each student account, we will be happy to create these student accounts for you via a bulk upload if you have over 20 students.

To help your students get the most benefit from Hall of Heroes, we have created a comprehensive Scene Descriptions (scope and sequence) document that you can find on the Hall of Heroes page of your Educator Dashboard. This document has an overview of each scene along with learning objectives, SEL skills covered, and tips for completing scenes that may be a bit challenging.

In addition to online program, we also provide free supplemental SEL lessons that can be used one-on-one with the student or in small group sessions. Many of these lessons were adapted from scenarios and characters found in Hall of Heroes and can be used to reinforce social emotional skill learning that students gain during game-play.

“This past year, I had the opportunity to use Hall of Heroes with 3 of my students, and I saw a remarkable increase in their engagement. I had previously taught social skills in a small group, but never with so much focus and benefit. Hall of Heroes is an wonderful complement to how I help my students.”

School Counselor in Florida

Just like this counselor in Florida and hundreds of other educators across the country, we are confident that you will find Hall of Heroes will help your students, but please see for yourself by trying out the program for free!

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