Zoo Academy®: Social Emotional Game for K-1 Students

Zoo Academy

Introducing Zoo Academy

In many schools and districts across the country, nearly 50% of students entering kindergarten lack basic social, emotional, and behavioral skills, and these skills are essential for school readiness and academic success. Just like letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, the earlier kids start learning and practicing social and emotional skills, the more successful they’ll be in school.

In each scene, students decide how to communicate and interact with the other characters. Each of the dialog choices is read aloud, and students make decisions about what to say and also the tone of voice to use.

In addition to the personalized learning that occurs in the game, we are also developing a library of supplemental lessons that can be used in small group sessions or directly with the student.

And from your dashboard, you will be able to monitor their progress and gain insights about strengths and weaknesses for each student. After students play these first six scenes, educators receive a baseline proficiency report for core social and emotional skills:

  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Emotion regulation
  • Empathy
  • Impulse control
  • Social initiation

And after a student completes scenes 7-12 and scenes 13-18, their progress report will be updated.

Note: Zoo Academy is one of five programs in our online, social emotional learning curriculum.

The Zoo Academy Student Experience

After we create your educator account and you log in, you will create an account for each of your students to access the Zoo Academy program.

The first step for each student is to create a personalized avatar to represent their character in the game. This avatar gives the students a sense of agency and encourages them to make choices in the game that are similar to how they behave in the real world.

Throughout the game, students will help animals like Owlivia the owl learn to respect others’ personal space and not call out in class, and Tango the gorilla, who needs some pointers on making new friends. While teaching the animals, students will learn and practice these skills themselves.

In each of the first six scenes, the focus is on a single social emotional skill, and after completing this section of Zoo Academy, you will have access to an assessment report. And as student navigates the remainder of the game, they will work on progressively more diffcult social emotional skill challenges.

Zoo Academy contains a total of 18 scenes, and this represents about 6 hours of game play for students. We encourage students to replay scenes that they stuggle with until they achieve mastery.

Educators: It’s Quick and Easy to Get Started!

You can use Zoo Academy and our other online SEL programs with an unlimited number of students for free for 30 days by requesting an educator account below!

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Parents and Homeschool Educators

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