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Meet your students where they are, with what they need, for success in the classroom and in life.

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Centervention SEL Programs

Every student enters the classroom with unique life experiences, interests and abilities. Why not meet their individual needs with social emotional learning interventions tailored to their specific strengths and weaknesses?

Developed with funding from the US Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, Centervention’s student-driven SEL interventions will engage students with personalized, interactive stories. As students work through each school-based social scenario, they will gain confidence and bring newfound abilities back to the classroom.

Automatically Track and Monitor Progress

Programs include baseline and progress tracking reports so you can assist each student in working towards mastery. In addition, students will complete a daily emotion check in, and this data will be shared in your educator account so that you can identify students that need additional support.

Research and Evidence-Based Interventions

Our interventions were developed with strongest research-based standards and have been subjected to multiple independent, peer-reviewed research studies. These studies demonstrate that our interventions both accurately identify SEL strengths and weaknesses and improve social emotional skills. In addition, our SS GRIN program has recently been reviewed and has been designated a “Promising” SEL program by CASEL.

Include Supplemental Lessons

We offer a library of free open-and-go SEL worksheets and activities for individual and small-group settings. And while these lessons can be used independently of our online interventions, when used together, they effectively reinforce the skill development that occurs online.

New: Virtual Cool-Down-Corner

In addition to our daily emotion check in, our interventions now include a virtual cool-down-corner. In this virtual room, students can practice empathy by helping care for Owlivia the owl.

Every Student Has a Story

“If we turn around one child’s life, it’s worth it to me”

Jennifer Askew
Former Principal, Heritage Elementary School