Personalized Learning Games

Using Online Games That Meet Kids Where They Are

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Integrated assessments tailor instruction to each student.

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Gameplay becomes more challenging as students master each skill.

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Real-world improvement from evidence-based tools.

Zoo U

For grades 2-5

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Hall of Heroes

For the transition to middle school

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“I love that [my students] can create their own avatar and really see themselves working through social situations. In the real world, there’s punitive damage when kids say or do the wrong thing. Kids are not going to get detention in a game world. Instead they get to go back and learn to make better choices.”
“At the end of the day, I had data for my entire grade level and on each individual student. I was able to sit down with [the teachers] and explain what it revealed about social skills that kids were struggling with.”
“Teachers get a detailed analysis of kids’ strengths, which has been validated against other assessments….The formative assessment report also guides providers to specific in-person lessons and activities … that they can use to support the child in areas of identified difficulty.”

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