Student-Driven Social Emotional Learning

Engaging, effective online games where students practice and improve social emotional skills.

Social Emotional Learning

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Centervention Programs

Designed for Students in Grades K-8

Our social emotional learning curriculum includes five online programs that are developmentally appropriate for students in elementary and middle school.

Easy to Use

Student access is via a web browser so there’s nothing to download or install.

Research and Evidence-Based

Numerous research studies show that Centervention® programs accurately identify SEL strengths and weaknesses and improve SEL skills.

Automatically Monitor Progress

Programs include baseline and progress tracking reports so you can assist each student in working towards mastery.

Include Free Supplemental Lessons

Free open-and-go SEL worksheets and activities help reinforce learning in individual and small group settings.

“As the principal, I was the person they had to go see when they got in trouble. But now, after completing the program, they give me hugs in the hallway.”

Jennifer Askew – Principal, Bibb County Schools

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