Communication Skills Worksheets: Appropriate and Inappropriate Topics

Teaching kids to initiate and communicate with others is crucial to making friends and thriving socially. At the same time, students need to learn what topics of conversation are appropriate with different types of people. These communication skills worksheets will help with both aspects.

Picture this: A young teenager plays video games with other kids all over the world: London, to California, to their next door neighbor. The teenager tells another gamer through the microphone that their family is planning a beach vacation to [city name redacted] and that they’d be gone for a week.

With technology today, people across the globe that you play video games with, or watch on youtube, or connect with on social media every day feel like friends when you don’t truly know who they are.

So it’s increasingly more important to teach kids boundaries for their communication, both through technology or in person.

Topics that are appropriate with family may not be appropriate with stranger or acquaintance. Topics that are appropriate with friends on the school yard may not be appropriate for Christmas dinner with Grandma.

communication skills worksheets

These communication skills worksheets allows students and educators to work together to come up with appropriate and inappropriate topics of conversation with different types of people, as these can be subjective regionally and culturally.

The worksheet includes a chart that lists a type of person in one column, including family member, friend, teacher, and stranger. There are then columns for appropriate discussion topics and inappropriate discussion topics.

For example, it would be appropriate to talk to a family member about how mommy is going to have a baby soon, but it may not be appropriate to tell strangers yet.