All About Me Worksheet

all about me worksheet

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle SEL Skill(s): Communication Duration: 30 minutes Materials: All About Me Worksheet This all about me worksheet is a great way to help students get to know each other and get families engaged! It has two parts, each of which can be added to the … Read more

50 Positive Affirmations for Kids

morning affirmations for kids

How do kids benefit from positive affirmations? When we believe something will come true, either positive or negative, it is much more likely to be the case. So why not use that to our advantage and focus on the positive? In fact, we know from research that when we focus, … Read more

Active Listening Exercises

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, and High SEL Skill(s): Communication Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Instructions for Active Listen Exercises Prompt: Gather students in a common meeting area and select one student to come forward. Optional: Make a chart of good listening behaviors including eyes on speaker, body facing speaker, not … Read more

Word Association Game

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle SEL Skill(s): Communication, Cooperation Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Word Association Cards Word Association Game Instructions How do you play Word Association Games? Word association games provide players with a word and ask them to say the first thing that comes to mind. For our … Read more

Would You Rather Questions For Kids

would you rather questions for kids

Recommended Grade Level: All SEL Skill(s): Communication, Social Initiation Duration: 30 minuntes Materials: Instructions for Would You Rather Questions for Kids lesson Using the most age appropriate worksheet, ask your students to choose an answer to each question. You can also ask them to elaborate why they made that selection … Read more

Morning Meeting Questions

Morning Meeting Questions for Students in ES and MS

Morning meetings are an excellent way to help students transition from home to school and help them get ready to learn. And just like the benefits from greeting your students as they enter your classroom, these meetings can help you connect with your students, help students build relationships with each … Read more