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Expressing Feelings Without Blaming


This communication activity shows students examples of expressing feelings in an argument without blaming the other person. There can be a lot of tension surrounding expressing feelings, especially if you or the other person lack certain communication skills. We all can have a tendency to blame the other person [...]

Expressing Feelings Without Blaming2019-03-05T09:08:22-04:00

Positive Pun Valentines 2019


These printables are great for Valentine's Day, encouragement during end-of-year testing, or positive reinforcement any time of year! And our 2019 versions include images from our new K-1 game, Zoo Academy. Perfect for your youngest students! Download the Valentines here.

Positive Pun Valentines 20192019-02-27T09:36:38-04:00

Positive and Negative Expressions: Nonverbal Communication Maze


In these worksheets, scaffolded by grade level, students will identify positive and negative expressions and emotion words to successfully navigate a maze to the finish. Deciphering the meaning of other’s positive and negative expressions can be difficult, especially when someone is saying one thing out loud while their [...]

Positive and Negative Expressions: Nonverbal Communication Maze2019-02-27T09:40:11-04:00

Winter Cheer


Feeling a little frosty? This printable flyer with tear-off punny compliments can spread some winter cheer! We can all get a little stressed and overwhelmed when finishing up the school days before a much needed break, or when cooped up inside due to cold weather. So I’m here to [...]

Winter Cheer2019-02-11T12:11:51-04:00

Thanksgiving Cheer


Feeling a little fowl? Use this flyer with tear-off punny compliments to spread some Thanksgiving cheer.. Thanksgiving break is almost here, and you can make it! While we're sure your students are thankful for you and you’re thankful for them (most of the time), we can all get a [...]

Thanksgiving Cheer2019-02-11T12:27:41-04:00

Something’s Bugging Me – Student Reporting Slips


These “Something’s Bugging Me” slips allow students to write down their concerns discreetly, and provide documentation for referrals to the school counselor or social worker if necessary. Tattling can be a big issue in elementary classrooms. Often times, students are just trying to get each other in trouble [...]

Something’s Bugging Me – Student Reporting Slips2019-02-11T12:38:15-04:00

Building Relationships with Middle School Students


This printable is a superhero twist on a getting-to-know-you survey that will help in building relationships with middle school students. While our Buddy Binder sheets could also be used with older students, they're really more for facilitating students' making new friends. The questions on this survey will be particularly [...]

Building Relationships with Middle School Students2019-02-11T12:39:28-04:00

Facts vs. Assumptions


This printable will help students differentiate between facts and assumptions. I always wanted to be a detective when I was little. I carried a little notebook around and took down details about the goings-on in my neighborhood, hoping to uncover some sort of sinister plot. I’d pretend to [...]

Facts vs. Assumptions2019-02-11T12:44:12-04:00