asking for help worksheet

Many students struggle with speaking up and asking for help, and it can cause anxiety and give them that funny feeling in the back of their throat like they swallowed a frog. Often, when presented with a situation or question that they’re not sure how to handle, they get quiet and shy instead of answering.

In this worksheet, you will help your students practice asking for help by working to decode a joke for Cooper the Lion, an animal character from Zoo U. In the lesson, students will be presented with part of the joke, and in order to find the answer, they need to ask for help from someone holding the key.

We encourage you or another adult to be in charge of the key, but for older students, this can work as a peer activity. In either case, students learn to ask for help decoding each letter until they uncover the silly answer.

By completing the lesson, students will build confidence and be more likely to ask for help when needed.

Download Asking for Help Worksheet

And if your students enjoyed this activity or if you are working with older students, we have a slightly more advanced version of the decode-a-joke exercise here.