Impulse Control Worksheets: A Stop and Think Activity

These impulse control worksheets will help your students create a lasting connection to the concept of Stop and Think by introducing it in a fun and unique way.

Today’s activity introduces a tangible object to the abstract concept of Stop and Think: the Stop and Think Remote.

Stop and Think Girl, a character in Adventures Aboard the S.S. GRIN, uses her remote to pause and think before she acts, fast forward and see what the consequences of her decision may be, or rewind and make a better choice. The visual of clicking pause on a remote helps students relate to the idea of stopping to think before they act.

With these impulse control worksheets, students will color their own remote and use it as a reminder to practice Stop and Think. 

impulse control worksheets


“Using Stop and Think helps us make good choices and avoid negative consequences. You need to stop and think about consequences, especially when you’re mad or upset, and if you don’t, you might do something you regret.

Stop and Think Girl’s remote can stop and fast forward, or look ahead to see what the consequences of your choice might be. It can also rewind, or make things stop and go back to try again. That way you can see what might have happened if you’d made a different choice. If you stop and think about your choices, you can make a better decision.

Color in your own remote. Next time you’re in a situation that makes you feel a big emotion, you can imagine pressing stop on your remote and thinking about your choice.”

Impulse Control Lesson:

In the first activity using the Stop and Think Remote, explain to students that you will be reading a short story to them. Tell them that when it’s time for the characters in the story to make a choice, they should press STOP on their Stop and Think Remote and say “STOP” out loud.

Next, have students recommend a choice for the character. Based on that choice, have students press the Fast Forward button and think about what consequences that choice may have. Talk about if that’s the best choice based on the consequences. If that was not a good choice, have students press the Rewind button and make a different choice. Fast Forward again and this about the consequences. Repeat until students find a good choice. Repeat this process as you continue through the story.

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