List of Emotions: 135 Words that Express Feelings

emotion words

Here is the complete list of emotions and how they are categorized: Anger Disgust: Contempt, disgust, revulsion Envy: Envy, jealousy Exasperation: Exasperation, frustration Irritation: Aggravation, agitation, annoyance, grouchiness, grumpiness, irritation Rage: Anger, bitterness, dislike, ferocity, fury, hate, hostility, loathing, outrage, rage, resentment, scorn, spite, vengefulness, wrath Torment: Torment Fear Horror: … Read more

Self Care For Teachers

Recommended Grade Level: Adults SEL Skill(s): Multiple Duration: Over the Summer Materials: SEL Impact Planning Printable Educator Self Care Journal 5 Tips for Summer Self Care for Teachers Tie up loose ends: Invest a small amount of time at the end of the school year to reflect, and gain a … Read more

Dealing with Change

coping skills activity

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary SEL Skill(s): Emotion Regulation Duration: 30 minutes per worksheet Materials: Post-it notes Pen or pencil Dealing With Change worksheet Dealing With Change Lesson Instructions Lesson Prep: On your whiteboard, make a rating scale and label one side “Small change” and the other “Big change.” Prompt: Ask … Read more

Think Sheet: Behavior Reflection Exercise

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary SEL Skill(s): Emotion Regulation Duration: 30 minutes Materials: A copy of the worksheet An area of the room away from other students Optional: A timer Think Sheet Instructions Print out a copy of the worksheet for the student or provide a laminated copy with an appropriate … Read more

Emotional Awareness: What Makes Me Happy

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary SEL Skill(s): Emotion Regulation, Empathy Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Worksheet for younger students (in person, or remote) Glue, paste, or tape Scissors Worksheet for older students Emotional Awareness Lesson Directions Ask your students to think about the things that make them happy. A few examples you … Read more