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Emotion Regulation

Calming Activity: Deep Breathing


This is a great calming activity or coping tool to use when students need to cool down after an active lesson, are having a stressful moment, or need an emotion regulation strategy. While based on the active rest between each Zoo Academy assessment scene, geared towards K-1 students, this [...]

Calming Activity: Deep Breathing2019-03-21T10:53:37-04:00

Monster Feelings! Halloween Social Skills Activity


Happy Halloween! Time for some spooky social skills! This Monster Feelings activity includes printable dice with emotion words on one and Halloween creatures on the other. Students will roll the dice to see which emotion their creature is feeling, then draw a picture, write a story, or act [...]

Monster Feelings! Halloween Social Skills Activity2019-02-11T12:35:18-04:00

Identifying Feelings in K-1


The first step to emotion regulation is identifying your own feelings. This activity will help K-1 students identify how they, or another person, might feel in a given situation. You might notice that Karma the Chameleon looks a little different on this worksheet. That’s because this is baby Karma [...]

Identifying Feelings in K-12019-02-11T12:35:50-04:00

Something’s Bugging Me – Student Reporting Slips


These “Something’s Bugging Me” slips allow students to write down their concerns discreetly, and provide documentation for referrals to the school counselor or social worker if necessary. Tattling can be a big issue in elementary classrooms. Often times, students are just trying to get each other in trouble [...]

Something’s Bugging Me – Student Reporting Slips2019-02-11T12:38:15-04:00

Coping Skills for Kids


In these Coping Skills Worksheets, students will sort coping strategies into “smart” and “not smart” columns. When I need to calm down I go to the boxing gym, maybe have some wine, shirk my responsibilities and watch TV all afternoon, call my best friend, etc. As an adult, [...]

Coping Skills for Kids2019-02-12T10:05:11-04:00

Identifying Emotions Activity: Chameleon Moods


Identifying emotions is the first step to helping students regulate them. Recognizing the physical signs associated with different feelings will strengthen students’ ability to manage their emotions before they get too big. Identifying and managing your feelings, or Emotion Regulation, requires the ability to respond to strong emotional situations in a [...]

Identifying Emotions Activity: Chameleon Moods2019-02-11T13:04:34-04:00

Belly Breathing for Kids


Managing your feelings requires the ability to respond to strong emotions in an appropriate way. For example, staying calm when teased or taking criticism without getting upset both require students to be able to manage their feelings. Children who are good at regulating their emotions feel better about themselves and have [...]

Belly Breathing for Kids2019-02-11T13:05:08-04:00