Emotion Faces Worksheet

Using the emotion faces lesson and printable worksheets below, you will help your students evaluate facial expressions and associate those expressions with a range of feelings and emotions.

In the lesson, we use characters from our online SEL game, Adventures Aboard the SS GRIN to illustrate the following feelings: angry, anxious, bored, confused, happy, impatient, sad, scared, and surprised.

Your students will look at the pictures and pick an emotion word from the list to describe how the characters are feeling. Then, they will write (or type) in several characteristics about the image that explain why the characters are feeling that way.

Emotion Faces Worksheet

Recommended Grade Level: All

SEL Skill(s): Communication, Emotion Regulation, Empathy

Duration: 30 minutes


Directions for Emotion Faces Lesson

Print out and provide a worksheet to each of your students, or if you are using the lesson remotely, please send them the typable PDF.

On the first page, we have a list of 9 feeling words that your students will use to describe each of the 9 image pairs. We have completed an example at the bottom of the first page where the two characters are “Angry,” and we explain why they look angry with the following:

  • They are frowning
  • They are making fists
  • They are staring

Review this example with your students, and ask them to work through the remaining 8 image groups.

After they complete the worksheet, discuss each of the images, and ask your students to provide examples of why they believe the characters were feeling a certain way.

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