Feelings Faces: A Free Match the Emojis Printable

Warm up your laminators! You’ll definitely want to use and reuse this feelings faces activity. In this emotions worksheet, students will color in the emojis and circle the emotion words that match how they would feel in different situations.

Feelings Faces
feelings faces

After laminating the feelings faces worksheet, have students use a dry erase marker to mark their answers for each situation. Once you’ve talked that situation through, they can simply erase their marks, choose a new sentence, and repeat. Note: If you don’t have access to a laminator, you can also slip the worksheet into a plastic page protector.

We’ve left a few of the situation cards blank so that you can write in your own scenarios. Examples include:

  • You were invited to a classmate’s birthday party. How would you feel?
  • Someone bumped into you while you were holding a drink, and it spilled on you. How would you feel?
  • You wake up in the morning and find our there’s no school. How would you feel?
  • You forgot your snack at home, and your friend shared with you. How would you feel?

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