95 Supplemental Social Emotional Learning Activities

Welcome to our supplemental Social Emotional Learning Activities page!

As you will see below, many of the supplemental SEL activities and lesson plans include characters from our game-based, social emotional learning interventions. And when you use the online programs with your students, these activities will reinforce the learning that occurs during game play.

These supplemental resources – lessons, activities, and worksheets – are in the following SEL skill areas: Communication, Cooperation, Emotion Regulation, Empathy, Impulse Control, and Social Initiation.

These resources are age-appropriate for elementary and middle school students and are typically used in a classroom or a small group setting. And in most cases, if materials are required for the activity, they are items that you already have in your classroom or office.

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emotion words

List of Emotions: 135 Words that Express Feelings

Categories of Emotions The list of emotions a typical pre-K child understands may be limited to happy, mad, sad, and ...
Brain Breaks For Kids

Brain Breaks For Kids

"I need a break!" Whether or not students say it out loud, this feeling can be palpable in the classroom ...
sel book list pin

SEL Books

For obvious reasons, we hope that you use our online social emotional learning interventions to help your students practice and ...
Social Emotional IEP Goals

Social Emotional IEP Goals

What do Social Emotional IEP Goals Look Like? Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is valuable for all students, and while a ...
Self Care For Teachers

Self Care For Teachers

If you feel "burnout" setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, ...
Responsible Decision Making Pin

Responsible Decision Making Lesson

How we act in challenging situations heavily relies on our moral code, an important component of responsible decision making. And ...
Body Language Mirroring

Body Language Mirroring

We’ve created this fun two-step lesson that helps students to communicate with each other through body language mirroring and word ...
conflict resolution for kids

Conflict Resolution for Kids

We’ve rounded up some of our top tips and lessons that will help you create a classroom that practices respectful ...
Agree to Disagree: A Lesson About Perspective

Agree to Disagree: A Lesson About Perspective

It feels good to be right, but sometimes it's better to simply agree to disagree. Students’ drive to feel competent ...
How to Apologize

How to Apologize

When we say, or do, something that hurts someone we care about, a sincere apology is a great first step ...
SEL Skill Printables

SEL Skill Printables

You can show an ongoing commitment to social emotional learning by recognizing students who demonstrate good or improving SEL skills ...
Emotional Awareness: What Makes Me Happy

Emotional Awareness: What Makes Me Happy

When we think about emotional awareness, we typically focus on situations that trigger negative emotions. But it's also important that ...
Wrinkled Heart Activity

Wrinkled Heart Activity

This activity, based on the book, A Wrinkled Heart by Tracy Hoexter, will help students appreciate how important it is ...
eye expressions lesson

Eye Expressions: How We Communicate With Our Eyes

Our eye expressions can convey a significant amount of information about how we are feeling even if we are not ...
Emotion Faces Worksheet

Emotion Faces Worksheet

Using the emotion faces lesson and printable worksheets below, you will help your students evaluate facial expressions and associate those ...
Student Strengths Lesson

Student Strengths Lesson

In this lesson, students will create a student strengths flower that highlights their positive traits, and this flower will be ...
how to create a bitmoji classroom for SEL

How to Create a Bitmoji Classroom for SEL

If you're providing remote instruction this year, you may have seem images where educators create a personalized virtual classroom that ...
Classroom Scavenger Hunt

SEL Classroom Scavenger Hunt

This SEL classroom scavenger hunt will help students focus on doing good deeds or random acts of kindness for others ...
acts of kindness for kids

Acts of Kindness Worksheets for Kids

We know that acts of kindness and small gestures can bring joy to others, and by helping others, we in ...
social emotional learning journal

Social Emotional Learning Journal

Many students may already use a journal at school to develop their writing skills, but what if we helped them ...
gratitude worksheet

Gratitude Worksheets for Students in Elementary School

What if we took a moment in our day to explain and teach gratitude to our kids? How would their ...
feelings song for kids

Song About Feelings for Kids

In this lesson, student’s will watch a short Feelings Song video about how their body may respond when they feel ...
Holiday Printables for Social and Emotional Learning

Holiday Printables for Social and Emotional Learning

When a holiday is coming up, it can be hard for everyone to remain focussed amid the excitement. We’re here ...
friendship traits

Friendship Traits: Making and Keeping Friends Activity

Good friends can make you feel happy and loved, while bad friends may disappoint you and make you sad. But, ...
think before you speak

Think Before You Speak

To be honest, it can be hysterical to hear a child say something they shouldn’t. A child pointing out a ...
charades for kids

Emotion Charades for Kids: Feelings and Empathy

This emotion charades for kids activity will help students identify different feelings and better understand how they, and others, may ...
Perspective Taking Activities

Perspective Taking Activities

Perspective taking activities can be confusing. Is the glass half empty or half full? Is the Mona Lisa smiling? Are ...
bullying lesson

Bullying Lessons Using Apples

Most students know that bullying is bad, and yet bullying still happens in our schools every day. When we say ...

Social Emotional Learning at Home

developmental milestones

Developmental Milestones for Social and Emotional Skills

As parents, we know how to monitor our child’s physical developmental milestones. When did your child begin to sit up, ...
sad child

Do I have a Sad Child or Could it be Depression?

Q: My son used to be a fun, lighthearted and very active kid. But lately, he’s been negative about everything ...
child feels left out

What to do when your child feels left out

Q: My daughter was really upset when she came home from school today. At the beginning of the day, one ...
what are the warning signs of adhd

What are the Warning Signs of ADHD?

Q: My son’s teacher has raised some concerns about his behavior in class and suggests that we test him for ...
following directions

Following Directions: Advice from Experts

Q: My son is an intelligent kid. He does well in school, loves playing on his basketball team and has ...
getting ready for school

Getting Ready for School: Avoid the Drama

Q: School mornings are a real struggle in my house. My kids have to do just six things each morning: ...
impulsive behavior

Impulsive Behavior in Children

Q: My daughter is so impulsive. She’s constantly getting into trouble for things like grabbing toys away from friends at ...
lacking self confidence

Lacking Self-Confidence: Expert Ideas and Tips to Help your Kids

Q: My son is a smart, capable boy, but he is lacking self-confidence in just about anything he does. A ...
Bullied at school

Bullied at School: Expert Ideas to Help your Child

Q: I think my child is being bullied at school. In the last couple of weeks, she’s started complaining about ...

Meltdowns: How to Help your Child and Reduce Frustration

Q: I thought we were done with meltdowns when my daughter graduated from preschool. But, these days, as a first ...
bored at school

Bored at School and Academically Gifted

Q: When I ask my gifted child how school is each day, he almost always responds by saying this: “Really, ...
making friends at school

Making Friends at School

Q: All the other kids in my son’s class have a best friend or a group of close friends, but ...
growth mindset

Growth Mindset for Kids

An Overview of Growth Mindset for Kids Kids develop a growth mindset, a term coined by Stanford University psychologist Carol ...
school refusal

Strategies for Helping Your Child with School Refusal

Q: My daughter has always loved going to school, but this year, something has changed. Many mornings, she complains about ...
parent-teacher relationships

Parent-Teacher Relationships to Help Your Child Thrive at School

Q: My daughter’s teacher seems like a lovely woman and, so far, we’ve had a good parent-teacher relationship. But now ...
overcome negative thinking

How to Help Your Child Overcome Negative Thinking

Q: Whether it’s a test at school or a new step at dance class, my daughter doesn’t think she can ...
difficulty making decisions

My Child Has Difficulty Making Decisions: How Can I Help?

Q: My daughter can’t make a decision to save her life. When she was picking out a new shirt at ...
angry child

Angry Kid: How Can I Help My Son be Less Frustrated?

Q: My son can be such an angry kid. When just about anything doesn’t go his way, he gets so ...
coping skills

Coping Skills for Gifted Students

Q: Our gifted child easily breaks down at even the smallest problems. And when he’s stressed out because of worries ...

Additional Resources for Social Emotional Learning

Classroom Management Plan

Our classroom management plan is a step-by-step guide and includes proven strategies, tips and printables for elementary school teachers, and it covers four key components for establishing a successful, well-managed classroom.

Classroom Decorations

These free downloadable posters will decorate your classroom and be great teaching resources, reinforcing social and emotional skills in your classroom and reminding students to practice their skills like emotion regulation, impulse control, empathy, and more.

Social Emotional Learning Quotes

For each of the topics below, we have curated a list of quotes. You can incorporate these quotes in your social emotional learning lessons, add them to social media images, create classroom posters, or write one on your whiteboard each day.

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