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Social Initiation

Include Everyone: An Activity to Teach Compromise


Do you explicitly teach compromise in your classroom? This worksheet has students compromise on activities to make sure everyone in the group is included and can enjoy the activity. A few years ago I was trying to meet up for dinner with two of my teacher friends while we were [...]

Include Everyone: An Activity to Teach Compromise2018-10-02T10:16:59+00:00

Building Relationships with Middle School Students


This printable is a superhero twist on a getting-to-know-you survey that will help in building relationships with middle school students. While our Buddy Binder sheets could also be used with older students, they're really more for facilitating students' making new friends. The questions on this survey will be particularly [...]

Building Relationships with Middle School Students2018-09-18T14:06:32+00:00

Making New Friends


This printable is an updated version of our Buddy Binder inserts, or a “getting to know you” survey. Your students are excited about making new friends as the school year is starting (or any time of year, really), but some of them will need help. Traditional ice breakers [...]

Making New Friends2018-08-29T12:42:23+00:00

Summer Practice 2018


This printable is SEL practice to send home with students for the summer. The school year is winding down and summer is finally in sight! Yay! Warm weather, the pool, no alarms, people using your first name, going to the bathroom whenever you great. Your kids can [...]

Summer Practice 20182018-08-29T13:01:05+00:00

Be a Friend, Have a Friend


I’ve previously sent out some social initiation lessons that focus on how to start an initial conversation with someone, or how to make some initial connections based on common interests. Once they get past that first interaction, though, how do our students keep these friends? The only way [...]

Be a Friend, Have a Friend2018-11-02T10:44:30+00:00

Appropriate and Inappropriate Topics of Conversation


Teaching kids to initiate with others is crucial to making friends and thriving socially. At the same time, students need to learn what topics are appropriate with different types of people. I have a friend whose young teenage son plays video games with other kids all over the world: London, [...]

Appropriate and Inappropriate Topics of Conversation2018-01-16T15:26:51+00:00

Building Friendships Activity: How to Make Friends at School


This printable will help students choose appropriate phrases for inviting someone to play, helping teach them how to make friends at school. In the Buddy Binder activity, we talked about making new friends based on common interests. But once you know you both like four-square, what’s a good [...]

Building Friendships Activity: How to Make Friends at School2017-10-11T12:52:00+00:00

Find Someone Who


It can be difficult to start playing or talking with other kids. By practicing what to do and say when meeting new people, students can become more comfortable in these situations. Students Will: formulate strategies to politely initiate conversation with classmates, apply these strategies in a Bingo game. Materials: Bingo worksheets, writing utensil, Social Initiation poster [...]

Find Someone Who2017-06-14T17:53:44+00:00

Help Students Initiate a Conversation with Conversation Bingo


This activity will help students initiate a conversation. When my friends went out of town for a wedding, they asked me to watch their husky-lab mix, Nala, for a few days. I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a while now, and I saw this as a [...]

Help Students Initiate a Conversation with Conversation Bingo2017-06-22T12:31:02+00:00