SEL Skill Printables

If you have students using our online social emotional learning interventions, it’s important to reinforce the learning that is happening in the games with real world lessons and activities. To assist, we have a library of over 90 free social emotional activities, lessons, and printables.

Also, you can show an ongoing commitment to social emotional learning by recognizing students who demonstrate good or improving SEL skills.

To help, we’ve created three SEL printables using characters from Zoo Academy and Zoo U:

  • SEL skill award slips
  • An SEL skills bulletin board
  • An SEL skill poster

SEL Skill Awards

You can get your whole class involved in showing the six social emotional skills with our SEL award slips.

When you notice a student demonstrating one of the skills, simply jot down who it’s for and why they are being recognized. As an alternative, you can have your students create peer awards for their classmates.

Take a couple minutes each morning, perhaps as part of your morning meeting, to read the awards to the class and acknowledge the students.

And consider creating a space on your wall or in the hallway to display the awards so students can be reminded of their sucesses.

An SEL Skill Goals Bulletin Board

Another idea is to create an SEL skill bulletin board for your room to recognize overall class progress in each skill. Set goals for how many of each skill animal you want the class to earn per week and what reward will occur when they reach the goal.

In the printable package, we have included a small grid, like the one you see to the right, and pages with the Zoo Academy and Zoo U skill animals.

And in case you want to create a larger bulletin board, we have included bigger versions of the animals.

SEL Skill Poster

A great way to keep social emotional concepts fresh in the mind of your students is by displaying a poster with the six social emotional skills.

You can integrate the vocabulary terms into the common dialogue of your classroom and reference the posters as needed.

For example, when introducing a group project, tell students they will need to practice their cooperation and communication skills to work together successfully.

In addition, we have a collection of classroom posters and decorations available here.

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