Classroom Decorations for Elementary and Middle Schools

When using classroom decorations for an elementary or middle school, we want to make it bright and cheerful for our students. With Pinterest and thousands of teacher blogs putting all sorts of visually stunning ideas at our fingertips, it can be easy to get carried away with chevron patterns and elaborate bulletin board setups – decorations that look great, but aren’t meaningful to students’ educational needs. It’s a delicate balance between making your classroom look inviting and not overwhelming students with extraneous visuals.

The classroom decorations below give you both style and substance. Focused on social emotional skills, these free colorful posters feature characters and imagery from Centervention’s online games: Zoo U, Hall of Heroes, and Adventures Aboard the S.S. Grin. Whether all of your students are playing the games or not, associating concepts like emotion regulation, impulse control, empathy, and cooperation with interesting characters will help these ideas stick in students’ minds. And having the posters on display in your classroom or office will act as a visual aid reminding students to apply these concepts in their day-to-day interactions at school.

classroom decorations

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