Holiday Printables for Social and Emotional Learning

When a holiday is coming up, both teachers and students are looking forward to some needed time off and are often times eager to not do anymore work. It can be tempting to just give students a pumpkin coloring page or a Christmas word search and call it a day. We feel you!

But what if you had some holiday printables that both provide quality education and are on theme for Thanksgiving, summer, or whatever bank holiday may be coming up? Our holiday printables for social and emotional learning will save you the trouble of planning a lesson and save you the guilt of giving students an activity that, while fun and seasonal, does not have any educational value.

While kids are creating jack-o-lanterns, they’ll also be learning to identify non-verbal facial cues in one of our Halloween worksheets. Or if you just want to spread some winter cheer around the school among both staff and students, feed some of our winter cheer tear-off sheets into the Xerox machine and hang them up in the hallways. Even our Valentine’s Day puns give you a way to teach students positive friendship and social initiation skills.

Whether you’re celebrating Flag Day or Thanksgiving, these sheets help your students to improve their social and emotional skills and allow you to give them a fun, seasonal lesson.