Impulse Control Activities for Kids

impulse control activities

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary SEL Skill(s): Impulse Control, Communication Duration: 45 minutes Materials: Ground markers, like cones or bases Instructions printable Impulse Control Activities for Kids Lesson Instructions Explain to your students that having to start over in these impulse control activities is similar to what happens when you interrupt others … Read more

Responsible Decision Making Lesson

Responsible Decision Making Pin

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary and Middle SEL Skill(s): Empathy, Impulse Control Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Best Choice Scenario Cards Good Choices Poster Weighing the Consequences Worksheet Responsible Decision Making Lesson Instructions Note: The grade ranges provided serve as guides, and the lesson graduates into deeper thinking. Read through the materials … Read more

Goal Setting Worksheet for Students

goal setting worksheet

Recommended Grade Level: All SEL Skill(s): Emotion Regulation, Impulse Control Duration: 30 minutes Materials: Goal setting worksheet for younger students Goal setting worksheet for older students Goal Setting Worksheet Introduction Prompt:  “What does it mean when someone says ‘good luck!’ or ‘you’re lucky?’ Some people think that finding a four … Read more