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Impulse Control

Facts and Assumptions Activity


This facts and assumptions activity will help students with the Check It Out skill: knowing the difference between facts and assumptions, and finding out what’s really true. In the current climate of “fake news” and misinformation spread so easily online, this is a critical skill for any age. [...]

Facts and Assumptions Activity2018-11-06T10:13:25+00:00

Plan Ahead


This resource helps students think ahead and develop an action plan to reach a goal. Around New Year’s I sent you a poster featuring Action Plan Annie from SS GRIN, demonstrating how to create an action plan. So I thought a printable action plan worksheet may be a [...]

Plan Ahead2018-05-11T15:29:12+00:00

Facts vs. Assumptions


This printable will help students differentiate between facts and assumptions. I always wanted to be a detective when I was little. I carried a little notebook around and took down details about the goings-on in my neighborhood, hoping to uncover some sort of sinister plot. I’d pretend to [...]

Facts vs. Assumptions2018-05-11T15:17:48+00:00

Role Models


In this activity, students will read statements and decide whether they are good, bad, or not important when considering if a person is a good role model. Growing up, my role model was the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers. She fought the bad guys, could do back handsprings, [...]

Role Models2018-05-11T14:44:17+00:00

I Have, Who Has… Consequences Game


This activity is an I have...Who has? game focused on consequences.   If you haven’t played I have...Who has? before, it’s a group activity that gets students interacting with each other and requires them to really focus on the activity at hand. Here’s how it goes: You’ll print and cut [...]

I Have, Who Has… Consequences Game2018-01-16T15:21:21+00:00

When to Start a Conversation


With Christmas coming up, everyone - parents, teachers, and kids alike - is busier than ever. This week’s activity will help students STOP and THINK about whether different situations are a good time to start a conversation. Your mom is wrapping presents, trying to feed the baby, and talking on [...]

When to Start a Conversation2018-01-16T10:45:29+00:00

Think Ahead Activity: Positive and Negative Consequences


This week’s printable will help students think ahead to the positive and negative consequences of their choices. We often think of consequences in terms of bad things that could happen. If I go to bed early, I’ll miss this TV show and see spoilers on twitter tomorrow. If [...]

Think Ahead Activity: Positive and Negative Consequences2017-10-10T07:58:46+00:00

Impulse Control Strategies: Ready, Set, Go!


Impulse control, or self-control, is the ability to resist temptations, urges, or impulses in order to meet one’s goals. Children with good self-control are able to pay attention to important information in their environment, such as instructions from teachers or parents. Giving students effective impulse control strategies and the opportunity to practice [...]

Impulse Control Strategies: Ready, Set, Go!2017-06-14T11:50:14+00:00

Freeze Game


Children with good self-control are able to pay attention to important information in their environment, such as instructions from teachers or parents, and ignore distractions. Students Will: practice controlling behaviors and resisting distractions. Materials: music, Impulse Control poster Pre-Discussion: Begin by asking the group if they can think of a time when they [...]

Freeze Game2018-11-02T10:47:28+00:00