Goal Setting Worksheet for Students

As adults, we encourage our students to dream big, but many times students don’t understand how to set goals and make plans to make their dreams a reality. In fact, many students believe results are more often a matter of luck.

With this goal setting worksheet, we’ll help you teach them to create their own luck by thinking about what they want and making a plan to achieve it.

After completing the activity, we encourage you to periodically review the goals with each of your students. In addition, please consider using our vision board ideas worksheets for a follow-up lesson.

Note: We have provided an age appropriate, goal setting worksheet for both younger and older students.

goal setting activities for students

Recommended Grade Level: All

SEL Skill(s): Emotion Regulation, Impulse Control

Duration: 30 minutes


Goal Setting Worksheet Instructions

Prompt:  “What does it mean when someone says ‘good luck!’ or ‘you’re lucky?’

Some people think that finding a four leaf clover can bring you luck.  Today we’re going to learn how we can make our own luck!  

If you have a dream or a goal, the best way to reach that goal is to make a plan.  For example, suppose I want to make the soccer team but I’ve never played soccer.  What are some ways I can put a plan in place and prepare? I might:

  • Get a soccer ball
  • Practice at home
  • Ask a friend that plays soccer for help 

I’m sure you all have something you’d like to do or would love to have, and now, we’re going to work on creating plans to make our own luck!”

Pass out goal setting worksheet

Prompt:  “A goal is something we dream about or want.  A lot of people say ‘follow your dreams’ or ‘dream big’ and we should, but we need to have a plan in place to work towards it.  Some steps we can take to do this are:

  1. Write down your goal (the thing that you want)
  2. Think about how you can make it happen (your plan)
  3. Write down your plan
  4. Follow your plan and don’t give up!

Prompt:  Now, think about a dream you have. It can be something you’ve wanted to do at home or school, etc. Write it down in the space where it says “goal” on your worksheet.

Next, think about how you can make that happen. What do you need to do, or do you need help with in order to make that goal a reality?  When you have some ideas, write them in the next spaces provided.

For older students:  Have them write a date that they will reach this goal by.  Walk through how to make a realistic end date so they are giving themselves enough time to attain the goal. Discuss a few positive sayings that they can remind themself of when they are working hard towards this goal.

Sometimes fear can get in the way of going for a goal. You should encourage your students to pinpoint and identify the source of their fear from the start so they don’t create obstacles for reaching their goal.

After your students complete a goal setting worksheet, make copies to keep on hand to review.  Encourage students to take their worksheet home and keep it in a place they can see it every day.

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