Vision Board Ideas for Students in Elementary and Middle School

For students around the globe, life may be a bit upside down right now. The structure of their days has changed, where they are learning has changed, and many are working alone for hours each day. It might be difficult for them to envision when things will go back to”normal” or when they’ll be able to get back to doing what they love. To help imagine a better future, we wanted to share a few vision board ideas for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

Your students will cut out or draw images that reflect their goals, aspirations, and dreams. For the younger students, the vision board ideas have a bit of structure, and for the older students, it is free-form. Here are a few of the prompts we provide:

  • I would love to visit
  • This brings me joy
  • I am proud of myself for
  • I would love to be this when I am older
  • This color makes me feel happy
  • Some of my dreams and goals are

Ask you students to do the following:

  • Think about the prompts provided and/or create additional ones
  • Create or collect materials that help them answer the prompts
  • Assemble their board
  • Dispaly their board

And with a completed vision board, students will have a positive daily reminder of what is possible even though every day feels the same. In addition to the worksheets, we have also provided some additional resources including supplies, books, and lessons that can help students with goal setting and growth mindset.

Additional Resources:

Vision board supplies:


Follow up lessons:

vision board ideas for students