Following Directions Worksheet: A Printable for Elementary Students

Learning to follow directions is an important skill for all students to master. By the time students start Kindergarten, they should be able to handle simple 2 to 3 step instructions; however, some kids may need a little extra practice. In this following directions worksheet, students will help Owlivia, an animal character from Zoo Academy with a coloring project.  Specifically, Owlivia’s teacher, Miss Castillo has asked Owlivia to color the biggest balloon blue, the smallest balloon yellow, and the medium balloon red.

Materials for each student:

  • A copy of the worksheet
  • 3 markers or crayons: Red, Blue, and Yellow

Additional Resources:

If you have older elementary students, please check out this following directions activity.  It’s a take off on the classic game, Simon Says.

In addition, here are a few strategies for following directions at home that you can share with parents.

Lastly, if you are working with a student (or students) with Autism, please check out our online program, Stories in Motion. In the program, students create a avatar, and work through the twelve school-based social stories.. These stories deal with anxiety, bullying, cooperating, coping, friendship, joining in, listening, personal space, perspective taking, sportsmanship, stop and think, and transitions. In each case, students will be provided with a short list of directions to help them navigate each of the situations in the real world.

following directions worksheet