I Have Who Has Game of Actions and Consequences

This group activity is an I have Who has game focused on consequences, and it can be used to help students better understand one aspect of impulse control. If you haven’t played this game before, it’s an activity that gets students interacting with each other and requires them to really focus on the task at hand. Here’s how it works:

You’ll print and cut out the cards from the printable and shuffle them up. Give each student one card, or multiple cards if you have a smaller group.

Choose any student to start by reading the “Who has?” on their card. The other kids should be looking at their card(s) and seeing if they have an “I have” that matches.

Examples include:

  • Who has: “You give someone a compliment”
  • I have: “That person feels good about themselves.”
  • Who has: “You refuse to wear a jacket on the walk to school.”
  • I have: “You will be cold.”

So in this version of the game, the “Who has?” is a choice or action, and the “I have” is a consequence of that choice or action.

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