Impulse Control Lesson

This impulse control lesson asks students to think through both the impulsive and thoughtful responses to different situations.

So many New Year’s resolutions have to do with impulse control. Don’t eat the doughnuts in the staff room. Hold back that nasty comment you were about to make. Go to the gym instead of getting sucked into three hours of The Bachelor.

There are two options in these situations: go along with your impulse, or stop and exercise self-control.

This activity labels these options as MELT (impulsive choice) and FREEZE (thoughtful choice).

Students must describe what their MELT and FREEZE choices would look like in different situations. For example, your mom is on the phone when you get home from school, and you want to tell her about the A+ you got on your paper. The MELT choice would be running up to your mom yelling about your A+ and/or waving the paper in her face. The FREEZE choice would be to wait until your mom gets off the phone, then share your excitement about the A+ with her.

After going through this impulse control lesson with your students, you could have them come up with their own examples of situations to think through as well!

Download the impulse control lesson worksheet here