Stay Focused Worksheet for Students in Elementary School

It can be challenging for young learners to stay focused, especially when they are anticipating an exciting event.

In this lesson, your students will help Owlivia, a character from Zoo U and Zoo Academy, with ideas for how to stay calm and present before a birthday party later in the day. You can capture student suggestions in the template letter below, and best of all, if you send us the letter, Owlivia will write back to your students 🙂

Here are a few of the letters we have received:

staying focused


  • Picture of Owlivia the owl and her friends (one for each student or pass it around)
  • Large piece of paper for a group letter

Prompt: “Today, we have an important job that I’m excited to share with you!”  

* Hand out paper with Owlivia’s birthday picture *

“Owlivia the owl is having a birthday party with cupcakes with her friends at a special school called Zoo U. 

Owlivia is SO EXCITED about the party and cupcakes she can barely sit still, but the party isn’t until the very end of the day. 

Sometimes it can be hard to wait when we’re really excited, wouldn’t you agree?

Can you think of some ways for Owlivia to stay calm until the party?

* Allow a few minutes for students to take a look at the picture and ask any questions *

Today, we’re going to write down our ideas for how to help Owlivia and send her a letter. And maybe, she’ll write us back! 

* On a large piece of paper at front of room start a letter *

Dear Owlivia,

Happy Birthday from [class or group at name of school]!

We know how fun birthday parties can be, and we know it can be hard to stay calm and focused thinking about all those yummy cupcakes. But we thought of a few ideas that might help.

[List student suggestions]


[class or group at name of school]


  1. Take a picture of the letter.
  2. Post it on social media and tag us (@Centervention).
  3. When we see your letter, Owlivia will write back to your students (reply on social media) with a thank you note.

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