self-control lesson plans

This printable, a great extension activity for self control lesson plans, will help students consider what things are within their control, and which things are outside of their control.

I have a need to be in control. It’s a big reason I don’t like flying.

I don’t think we’re going to crash or anything. But, I can’t tell the plane to land if I’m not feeling well and want some fresh air. Much to my dismay, the pilot and the plane are outside of my control.

So I would rather drive 12 hours than fly 1.5 hours because I have total control of the car. I don’t have control of all the other drivers that could crash into me, but I don’t think about that 🙂

Kids don’t have a lot of control over their lives. They’re told when to go to school, when to go to bed, usually what they have to eat, etc. So it’s a good exercise for them to think about what things they can control, like their actions, by doing self control lesson plans.