Affirmation Cards for Kids

Self affirmations are a great way to help build self-esteem and overcome doubts. Instead of listening to the voice in our head saying “I can’t,” we focus on words that create a positive mindset and the confidence to keep trying.  Helping our students to pay attention to their inner voice and concentrate on positive thoughts is something we’ve discussed in a previous lesson.  In this lesson, we’ll expand that idea of positive thoughts by first helping students identify beliefs about themselves and then creating a set of affirmation cards that they can refer to daily to create a positive attitude. 

Prep: Print out (or send) the worksheets for each of your students.

This is a three part lesson:

  1. Students will draw (or paste) an image of themselves surrounded by three thought bubbles. In the bubbles, they will write things that they believe about themselves.
  2. Next, students will elaborate on each of their beliefs by answering these questions: Why do you think this? How often do you think this? Has someone else described you this way?
  3. Lastly, students will create affirmation cards. When they are finished, they can tape their affirmation cards to a mirror (or another location) to provide positive reminders of how awesome they are!

After students have completed the lesson, they can add their worksheets into their Social and Emotional Learning Journal. In addition, we would encourage you to read page number two and discuss the reasons why they have certain beliefs about themselves.

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