This printable will help students choose appropriate phrases for inviting someone to play, helping teach them how to make friends at school.

In the Buddy Binder activity, we talked about making new friends based on common interests. But once you know you both like four-square, what’s a good way to ask them to play the game with you?

When I moved to North Carolina after college for my first teaching job, I lived with three other teachers. After the first couple days living together, I noticed that one of my roommates was always in her room with the door closed.

“Why doesn’t this girl want to spend time with me?” I thought.

So, determined to become friends with the girl I’d be sharing a bathroom with for two years, I just started coming into her room, plopping in her chair, and doing my lesson plans in her room with her.

Pushy? Yes. Are we still close friends six years later? Yes! But is this the way this week’s lesson recommends making friends? Nope.

Normally, forcing someone to be your friend doesn’t work. Kids need to learn how to make friends at school, starting with using appropriate phrases for asking someone to play with them.

Download the worksheet here.


how to make friends at school