Centervention Product Updates

This page contains a list of major enhancements and announcements for significant new features to Centervention programs.

Product Updates for 7/20/2021

Centervention Licenses

Centervention licenses are now much more flexible.

Previously, when you used a license, your student was limited to one specific program; however, now you may switch students between any/all of our five programs during their 12 month subscription.

Here are some examples where this will be beneficial:

  • You assign a student to Zoo U, but find that it’s a bit too complicated. Simply switch them into Zoo Academy and have them work on the basics to gain confidence.
  • You assign a student to SS GRIN and they complete the program during the first half of the year. You can then assign them to Hall of Heroes to help them as they prepare for middle school.
  • You have a student with autism, or needs remedial help with social skills, so you assign them to Stories in Motion. After the make sufficienct progress, you can switch them to any of the other SEL programs.

Note: A student will only have one program assigned at a time, and regardless of which program they are assigned, they will log in at the same place:

Daily Emotion Check In

When students log in to use one of our programs, they will be prompted to pick one of five emojis that represent how they are feeling. The choices are:

  • Happy
  • Mad
  • Sad
  • Okay
  • Nervous

For now, this is just a new component of the “student experience,” but before school resumes in late August, we will make this data an integral part of your educator dashboard.


Product Updates for 6/15/2021

Single Student Login Page to Access All Centervention Games

Previously each of our five online games had a unique URL where students logged in, and if you work with kids across multiple grades, this could be a lot to keep track of. To make things simpler, we have created a new URL that will act as a universal portal where students can access all of our programs:

Note: Each of the current game URLs will now automatically redirect to, so if students have created a bookmark, it will continue to work.

Zoo Academy

In order to make Zoo Academy work better on iPads and to reduce the resources the game requires, we made a major update to the first six scenes. From your point of view, your students shouldn’t notice this change except that things should load faster and more reliably. In addition, this update contains the following:

  • The ability for students to update and modify their avatar
  • New active rests between each scene
  • Numerous bug fixes