Help Someone Feel Better Lesson

Every day at school provides a wealth of teachable moments for helping students improve social and emotional skills. And while you probably have lots of opportunities to help students with empathy, Valentine’s Day is an especially great time to talk about how we can be compassionate and care for the people around us.

In this lesson, students will read situations in which characters in Zoo U are feeling sad, frustrated, mad, etc. They will then decide what is the best way to make this character feel better. This is a fun activity to do any time of the year, but using hearts made it perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Prompt: Today we’re going to talk about helping someone in need. Ask students if they can think of a time that they helped someone who was feeling sad, mad, frustrated or disappointed.  

Give them a few examples,  and poll the students for examples of their own. This will encourage them to think about ways they may or may not have previously helped someone in a situation. 

* pass out worksheet *

Prompt: Let’s read the situations on the worksheet and decide the best way we can help!  Review the directions and do one together.

* give time for students to work *

After students complete the hearts, take some time to talk about each situation together and the best way to help each person in that situation.  

Optional:  Use the second page of the worksheet as an opportunity for students to draw and write about a time that they helped someone in their life. 

Additional resources: Valentines Cards

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Download Worksheet for Elementary Students