Gratitude Worksheets for Students in Elementary School

What if we took a moment in our day to explain and teach gratitude to our kids?

How would their moods change? Would it allow us to gain more insight into what brings them joy?

These gratitude worksheets will help students answer a simple, but impactful question:  “What are you happy about today?

Think about that for a moment and share what makes you happy with your students.

gratitude worksheets

Recommended Grade Level: Elementary

SEL Skill(s): Emotion Regulation, Empathy

Duration: 30 minuntes


Gratitude Worksheet Instructions

Prompt: “Today we’re going to talk about happiness. Every day, things happen that make us smile, make us feel good or even make us laugh.  By stopping to think about something that makes us happy, and writing it down or saying it loud, that’s called showing gratitude. 

What’s gratitude?  Gratitude means being thankful and showing your appreciation for something. We’re going to practice exactly that today.

What’s one thing about your day that made you happy (or will make you happy)?

Here’s why I’m happy:  I’m happy___________________(give your own example).

Now think about what has made or is making you happy today.  Don’t say it out loud yet! Hold on to your thoughts and stand up. Find someone in the room and walk over to them and share with them what makes you happy, then ask them what makes them happy.

* Give the students some time to do this activity *

(there will be some giggles and some happiness in the room)

Would anyone else like to share with the class what makes them happy today?

* Allow some time for a discussion and students to share *

Showing gratitude by talking about something in our day that makes us happy is a great way to start our day, turn our day around, or end our day on a high note.

* (pass out the gratitude worksheets) *

Now we’re going to write about what we just did.  You can draw, write or do both. But I’d like you to pick one thing, it can be the thing you just shared or it can be something else you thought of that just makes you happy, and write about it.”

This activity is something we can continue to practice at school or at home with the question…”What makes you happy today?”

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