people watching

In this  activity, students will become social detectives, observing people’s body language and facial expressions in public spaces to figure out how they may be feeling.

I love people watching.

While I usually avoid the mall, it’s definitely the best place to people watch. You’ve got teens being themselves without their parents around, old people speed walking in jogging suits, moms doing their best to wrangle kids, and usually a few men that just look lost.

It’s a fun activity, but also a great way to practice reading body language!

Is that person sitting alone on a bench bored waiting for their spouse to be done shopping, or are they just quietly enjoying their pretzel in peace?

Is that group of teens about to cause some trouble, or are they innocently expressing themselves in one of the only places they’re allowed to hang out without adults?

In this activity, students will learn the art of people watching by becoming a “social spy,” observing people’s actions to figure out how they may be feeling.