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Do you have students who struggle with their behavior in the classroom: who have extreme reactions to trivial problems, who blurt out in class, or who have trouble making friends? You can help them with Zoo U®, an evidence-based, online social skills game for students in grades 2-4.

Zoo U: Fun and Engaging

Zoo U, the prestigious school for young zookeepers, is accepting new students!

Helping classmates and educators care for a variety of animals nurtures compassion, encourages friendship, and builds confidence. Players make a tonic to help re-grow an owl’s feathers, train a lion to do tricks, and catch a mischievous toucan flying loose in the classroom, among other challenges.

The first step to enrollment is for students to create an avatar to represent them in the game!

Zoo U Evaluates and Improves

Six short scenes at the beginning of the game provide a baseline for how students are doing with social and emotional skills: communication, cooperation, emotion regulation, empathy, impulse control, and social initiation.

Students then have an opportunity to play up to 30 scenarios to improve and reinforce learning for each of these skills.

As an example, the scene below depicts a classmate being teased after Lester the bird drops smelly fruit on him.

After students complete a scene, Principal Wild, the quirky but helpful school administrator, provides positive and constructive feedback on their choices. In this example, did the student choose to laugh along with his classmates, or stand up for his embarrassed friend?

The entire Zoo U game takes 10-15 hours to complete. We encourage you to spread out gameplay over a semester or the school year by having students play one or two times a week for approximately 30 minutes per session. However, you know your students best, so it’s your decision as to exactly how you want to use the program.

Zoo U Gets Results

Just like Matthew’s students, thousands of students nationwide have improved their social and emotional skills using Zoo U, and your kids will be no different.

It’s Quick and Easy to Get Started!

Parents and Homeschool Educators: You can purchase Zoo U for use at home here

Educators, you can evaluate Zoo U for free for 30 days, and when you are satisfied, you can purchase student licenses for only $10 per student. There is no minimum purchase required.

All we need is your name and contact information entered in the form below. We’ll create your Zoo U educator account in less than one business day.

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